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Services at Sam’s Physical Therapy in Mason

General Orthopedics

At Sam’s Physical Therapy, P.C. in Mason, Leslie and Charlotte, Michigan, we combine hands-on manual therapy techniques with modern modalities to quickly reduce pain and inflammation and then focus on the healing and recovery process. We handle all manner of musculoskeletal problems, including the healing of injuries and the handling of chronic conditions. Our goal is to restore our patients’ quality of life and prevent problems from returning.

Headaches and Head Pain

While traditional headache remedies such as heat and ice can be effective, we focus first on finding the underlying cause or contributor of the headache and then focus treatment on that problem. Sometimes severe headaches can be linked to spasms in the small muscles of the face and neck and other times to poorly functioning neck joints, for example. We work with you until we determine the cause and then treat headaches and head pain effectively.


Such things as whiplash or even teeth grinding can create unrelenting pain in the temporomandibular joint which connects to the temporal bones of the skull. We use modern evidence-based modalities to treat TMJ dysfunctions and eliminate the pain and keep it from recurring.

Ankle Rehabilitation

Foot and ankle pain can be severe and hinder your ability to move freely in the course of your normal day. Our treatments focus first on finding the root cause of the pain and then working to stop the pain and heal the problem with manual therapy and eclectic methods of conservative management.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

We have had an excellent track record with assisting patients who suffer from disorders of the vestibular or central balance system. Using specialized exercise programs and Canal Repositioning Maneuvers, we work on dizziness , balance impairments, gait abnormality, and other functional limitations that can result from vestibular disorders.

Back and Neck Pain

One out of every three Americans will suffer from chronic back pain at some point in their lives. We offer a combination of manual therapy along with modern therapeutic modalities and home exercise programs to help you recover from this constant pain and return to a normal quality and pace of life.

Sports Medicine

Sam’s Physical Therapy, P.C. treats recreational, amateur as well as professional athletes for injuries and are dedicated to assisting patients back to the sport they love as quickly as possible. We look for the source of pain and dysfunction and customize a program designed to keep the injury from happening again.

Amputation Recovery and Prosthetic Retraining

At Sam’s Physical Therapy, P.C. our goal in working with amputees is to focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. We will custom design retraining programs for you that take into account your personal goals and lifestyle and work to help you achieve them.

Pre and Post Surgical Care

A number of scientific studies consistently illustrate that patients who have physical therapy treatments before and after joint replacement surgery have a faster and more complete rate of recovery. We offer effective treatments for patients embarking on a number of orthopedic surgeries from joint replacements to cervical disc surgeries to fracture repair and arthroscopic procedures of the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. We will work with your physician to devise customized exercise programs designed for your complete recovery.

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